Why did the Danes build a strange village in the form of circles with houses inside?

The arrangement of living space is an important component of a comfortable life. Sometimes there are such strange buildings and settlements in the world, it is not easy to unravel the meaning of their appearance and purpose. If you ever get to Denmark and will be near its capital, be sure to visit the unusual commune of Brondby.

This is a small residential area along the road interchanges. Brondby could be called a simple suburban settlement, if not for the many unusual features of the place! Of course, the strange organization of space and the location of houses catches the eye. They are placed in formed groups enclosed in circles!

From above, the landscape resembles cakes that have been neatly cut into identical pieces. But who and why built such houses on such sites? And who lives in them? The project of the amazing garden city appeared in 1964. The local authorities approved the creation of such an unusual settlement, the houses in which were to be inscribed in circles. And, as the name of the project makes clear, there should have been a lot of greenery and trees around! And so it turned out.

Brondby is not only an original decorated, but also a very green space! Each house has its own triangular-shaped plot of land on which different agricultural crops grow. In this place, they are engaged in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, berries, but not farming at all and not even fancifully located houses – the main feature of Brondby.

Perhaps the key difference between the suburbs of Copenhagen from other settlements can be safely called the form of social interaction. The fact is that Brondby is a commune. There are quite strict rules here. So, to move into one of the houses with a triangular plot of land near it, you need to charm the neighbors. Yes, yes, you will not be able to become a resident of the town if you do not like those who live nearby.

All members of the commune communicate well with each other, live in plain sight, so it is not surprising that people choose their own neighbors. It really makes sense! By the way, it was the goal of uniting people that the architects pursued when they created such an unusual layout of plots. After all, proximity is the key to good neighborliness. I must say that the land here cannot be used for anything other than gardens.

To do this, you need to get the consent of the municipality and local government. And it is almost impossible to do this! And who would think of doing anything else in Brondby? There are a lot of people in Denmark who want to come here, and this is despite the fact that the housing will still not belong to you until the end. That is, you are, as it were, the nominal owner, but you will be required to comply with many rules.

Moreover, it will be necessary to sell the house only at the price that the municipality will appoint. This approach eliminates speculators. If we talk about the rules, they are quite strict. Residents are obliged to cut the bushes so that they look neat, and do it exactly on schedule. Excuses are not accepted. Not cutting the bush in time is a fine. You also need to make sure that the house and the area around it look neat: the fence needs to be regularly tinted, be sure to monitor the grass, remove weeds.

But the most important thing is that you can only live here from March to October! Despite all the prohibitions and rules, houses in the town are swept away in a matter of minutes after going on sale. The dwelling costs about 30 thousand dollars.

And not everywhere there are even basic amenities like a shower and electricity! But people are willing to pay for silence, an abundance of greenery, pleasant neighbors. The village really looks very beautiful and unusual, but aren’t there too many prohibitions to feel the same hugge?

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